Ola Greszczuk

Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

My first encounter with kitesurfing happened when vhs cassettes were still in use! Since then it was my dream to learn how to kite.

It happened quite a few years later, I started a course when i was 18 years old and then the journey started. It took me a good few years to actually learn how to kitesurf, but that didn’t discourage me at all. Like most kitesurfers I got addicted to the feeling of freedom and being in the elements. I knew I didn’t want to spend my days in the office, I wanted to kite as much as possible so I became a kitesurfing instructor (which didn’t turn out as planned at the beginning 🙂 ) Since then i started to travel the world, kite and teach in various destinations. At the moment my home is Sri Lanka, the place where I really started kiting for myself and progressing my riding!

Kitesurfing is not just my passion, it’s my lifestyle and I love to share that part of my life with others.