Sandra Kutsche

Born far away from any beach and sea. I’ve always dreamed about the life on a nice and always warm place.

In 2011 I had my first kiting experience in snow but it was quite cold 🙂 so I did a kite surfing course in Egypt. After a few kitesurfing trips I started to think about that maybe having own kite school and be a kite instructor would be a great idea.

I travelled a bit the world to find out if the full-time beachlife is that nice as I’ve thought, and yes it is 🙂  So I quit my job. I did the instructor license and started to travel around the world and teach other people kitesurfing.

The last winter I spent mostly on Caribbean islands. In these places you realise that you don’t need a lot and you are grateful for everything you had, what you are having right now and what you will have in your life.

Teaching people kite surfing is not just teaching a sport, its also to give them a portion of my life. Its about showing them the way how to be chilled, relaxed, have fun and forget their everyday stress at home.

They charge their batteries. They have a good time. And the best is to see the big smile in their faces after the session.